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This Movie Poster Frame holds movie posters and music posters size 27"x40".

Highest quality front loading anodized aluminum frame. No worrying about sagging posters with this frame. All four sides of frame snap open. Changing the poster can be done without ever taking the frame off the wall. The frame comes two sheets of non-acrylic PETG as the protective covering. The PETG sheets are acid free, tough, clear, versatile, and chemical resistant. The clarity is excellent. Not UV protective. Choice of color: Black, silver or gold.


Frame size:


Dimensions of the regular frame are 28.75"W X 41.75"H X .75"D 1.25" border

Dimensions of the wide frame are 31"W X 44"H X .75"D 2.5" border


Assembly and mounting:


Poster frames are shipped disassembled to reduce shipping costs, assembly is easy and takes about 5 minutes. Poster Frame mounts to a wall with as little as two nails (no stud needed.) There are 4 pre drilled holes to mount the frame with screws, the frame is extremely light and mounts flush against the wall.


Multiple frames, guarantee and shipping:


All customers receive an added discount when ordering multiple frames upon checkout. Ten day satisfaction guarantee or money refunded. Frames shipped via UPS. All charges are included in our pricing when advertised as is with all our products. Please compare our pricing to any other competitor.

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Our Price: $79.95 Delivered


There is a discount of $ 7.00 for every additional frame purchased.

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