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Home Theater Authority (htauthority.com) participates in the reseller ratings system. Our feedback on AVS forum has been splendid with hundreds of sales to date. If you would like to post a review for past purchases please feel free to do so, we would very much appreciate the feedback. New/current customers are welcome as usual. Home Theater Authority (htauthority.com) has one of the best selections of home theater seating of any brick and mortar store or website and we strive for adding new products but only high value products. We pick and choose only the best products worthy of your hard earned dollar.

Home Theater Authority (htauthority.com) believes in the following principals:

• Timely communication on all customer inquiries via toll free phone 1-866-369-7472 or 313-887-7813 or email serge@htauthority.com.

• Excellent service and attention to detail before and after the sale.

• Shipment emails with preshipment info, tracking info and delivery appointments scheduled

• Order status on pending and ongoing orders  via phone or email

• Unique and interesting products, we will continue to add to our website with only high value products

• Products priced as low as possible, the ability to bundle products for increased savings (as with our multiple rows of seating and/or when ordering multiple poster frames, etc. All our prices include delivery charges.

• Provide highest value for the customers money

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Welcome all existing and potential customers!


Below are several links (links are now old but this is how long we have been in business and where we got our start) to past online sales on our favorite home theater related forum, AVSForum. This is the largest forum (home theater related) on the world wide web with thousands of members including manufacturers, product developers, hobbyists and consumers. These links provide a wealth of information from regular consumers and home theater enthusiasts alike. Most recent sales links have been removed from AVS, once a sale ends the threads and posts are removed. There are many product reviews, pictures, questions and answers and most importantly our valued customer feedback. Few have taken the time to post a review on our reseller ratings page so we felt it was time to add this information so that customers can find the information they require which will help in important decisions and allow new customers to purchase with confidence from a reputable online dealer that prides in taking care of it’s customers. We would like to earn your business!


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Summer 2005 members group buy (warning very long thread)

Christmas 2006 members group buy

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