Elite HTS Arm & Seat Cushion Options


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Elite HTS offers 8 different arm styles/shapes that can be mixed and matched with 6 different seat backs to create 48 unique chair configurations. The arms are assigned different letters (A through H) and all the seat backs are assigned different numbers (1 through 6).


B series: The B offers a very contemporary, modern style and is accented by an angled stainless steel foot.


C series: The C arm is one of our most popular arm styles not only due to its styling but also because of its practicality. With a total length of only 36, the C series is perfect for theaters with limited space.


D series: The D arm is a variation of the C arm that presents a more continuous slope on the front of the arm. Also suitable for theaters with limited space.


E series: The E arm offers long sloping curves for that elegant Art Deco style so popular amongst many Interior Designers.


F series: Made of solid oak, the hidden slide out cupholder is our newest creation. The classy design of the F arms is the perfect solution for those who prefer an alternative to the visible fixed metal cupholders. Custom wood stains available upon request.


G series: Accented by solid oak legs, the G arm offers a classy, upscale look that would fit right into your typical Manhattan penthouse or the high end suburban home theater. Custom wood stains available upon request.


H series: The arced profile of the H arm presents a uniquely contemporary style that combines sharp edges and curves to create a truly eye catching seating configuration.



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