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The only tactile transducer designed specifically to take advantage of the .1 and LFE channels, the ButtKicker® LFE features extended low frequency response for powerful bass response and special effects.  

The ButtKicker®  LFE (low frequency effects) utilizes a patented magnetic suspension which is different from any other speaker or shaker and can be used couches, theater seating, platforms, and any type of structure. The ButtKicker ® accurately reproduce the "feeling" range of many natural and man-made sounds, such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, rocket launches, waves, explosions, tornadoes, volcanoes, dinosaurs, sound effects and all styles of music.

Different from other shakers or tactile transducers that use voice coil technology, the ButtKicker ® is much more powerful, more musical (linear) and offer true infrasonic or low frequency response with their resonant frequency of 9 Hz and range of 5 - 200 Hz.

One ButtKicker®  LFE will easily replace 2 - 4 or more of the other types of shakers previously available, and perhaps more importantly; it is virtually indestructible and maintenance free. The ButtKicker®  is used in: Theme park attractions; Specialty theaters; Simulators; Virtual reality machines; Arcade and amusement rides/games; and Custom Home theaters.

If you are looking to delight and electrify yourself and others with an affordable and easy to use solution, now is the time to incorporate the ButtKicker®  into your design.

 We invite you to "Feel what you've been missing!"



¨ Dimensions: 5.375" high x 5.5" wide, oval

¨ Frequency Response: 5 - 200 Hz

¨ Weight: 11 lbs., 5 kg.

¨ Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms

¨ Power Handling: 400 watts min. / 1500 watts max.

#8010 ButtKicker® LFE 

Price: $239.99 Shipped US only

An Overview of the ButtKicker®

The ButtKicker®  is a small, linear motor, which reacts to an audio signal sent by an amplifier.  It is similar to a loudspeaker, but instead of moving a cone, and transferring sound waves through the air, it attaches to seats and floors, and sends low frequency sound directly into the listener's body.  The effect is amazing.

It takes two senses to perceive full range sound.  We hear sound, but we also feel sound, especially low frequency.  Traditionally, it takes big speakers, moving tremendous amounts of air, to feel the low frequency of sound.  People like loud concerts because they want to feel the sound pressure in their bodies.

The ButtKicker®  reproduces the feeling range of audio in a more direct way than through air.  The perception is actually better and sound pressure disappears.  When using headphones, for example, with a ButtKicker® , the listener perceives powerful, musically accurate, concert-level audio, but no one else hears anything. The sound is completely isolated to the listener.

This becomes very interesting for music monitoring and recording studios.  We have several dozen of the top touring bands this summer using ButtKicker®  for stage monitoring.  The ButtKicker®  gives them complete control over their mix and sound level, without sacrificing any quality.  Most musicians tell us immediately that they hear better and play better with the ButtKicker® .

In a recording studio, the ButtKicker®  allows for low volume, incredible isolation.. and, because the ButtKicker®  was designed to be musically accurate, to fractions of frequencies, studio engineers are finding that their mixes are coming out tighter, cleaner and better balanced.


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