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We are extremely pleased to introduce the newest addition to the ButtKicker®  family of products - the ButtKicker®  Power Amplifier.  Designed specifically to power the ButtKicker®  LFE and Concert, the BKA1000-4 is an incredible value, chock full of features designed to make the installation and operation of the ButtKicker®  easier and more affordable.   And because it is 120v - 240v (switchable) it can be used around the world.

The ButtKicker®  Power Amplifier is available from all ButtKicker®  distributors, dealers and agents worldwide.


No preamplifier is required.  For home theater, just use a RCA cable to go from your processor's subwoofer out* to the RCA input on the ButtKicker®  Amplifier.  Then, use 12 gauge speaker wire from the amplifier to the ButtKicker® .  It's as simple as that - plug 'n play.

* Use a "Y" connector if your processor has only one sub out.

More Affordable:

With 1100 watts into 4 ohms and 2100 watts into 2 ohms, the BKA1000-4 is able to power one or two 4 ohm ButtKicker®  Shakers (when wired in parallel).

More Value: Low cutoff and variable high cutoff filters

Not only does the ButtKicker®  Amplifier have over 2100 watts of power, it adds low and high cutoff filters at no additional cost.

Low cutoff filter:

With the low cutoff in the "on" position frequencies less than 25 Hz are filtered out.  This is ideal for musicians who do not need nor want the ButtKicker®  Shaker to "see" anything below 25 Hz.

When the low cutoff is in the "off" position all frequencies are passed on the ButtKicker®  - ideal for home theater use and the low frequency response the ButtKicker®  has become known for.

Variable high cutoff filter:

With the high cutoff in the "on" position, frequencies above 40 to 160 Hz are filtered out - meaning only frequencies below 40 to 160 Hz are passed to the ButtKicker® . 

The variable high cutoff filter control allows you to set the high cutoff from 40 to 160 Hz.

This is ideal for home theater use when only low frequencies are wanted.  Conversely, when used by musicians, leaving the high cutoff switch in the "off" position enables the ButtKicker®  to respond to all frequencies in its natural working range of 5 - 200 Hz.



¨ Model # : BKA 1000 –4

¨ 1100 Watts @ 4 ohms

¨ 2100 Watts @ 2 ohms-will power 2 ButtKicker ® LFEs wired in parallel, and 4 ButtKicker® LFEs used in individual Home Theater seats

¨ 1050 watts per ButtKicker®  when two units are wired in parallel

¨ Class D switching technology

¨ Variable high cutoff, 40 to 160 Hz

¨ Low cutoff, 25 Hz switchable

¨ RCA and 1/4”  inputs with 160m Volt and 1.25 Volt sensitivities eliminates the need for a separate pre-amplifier

¨  Five way binding post output

¨ 115 v– 230v, switchable, worldwide usage

¨ Convection cooling, i.e. no fan

¨ 12” W x 11”L x 4.375” H

¨ 25 lbs/ 11.36 kgs

#8020 ButtKicker®  Amplifier (Model:BKA 1000-4)


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#8020 ButtKicker®  Amplifier (Model:BKA 1000-4)

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